Neck & Rim Wood

Choose between Cherry, Walnut or Hard Maple for your neck and rim.  Each are dense hardwoods and create great sounding banjos.  The Hard Maple tends to have more ring, punch and projection. The Cherry tends to produce a warmer and softer tone. Walnut is a good balance between the two, with a lot of resonance and woody sound, but with strength.

Cherry is a light-colored hardwood, but will deepen its red glow with time and sunny days. Walnut is a rich, chocolaty, dark-colored hardwood when finished with natural beeswax, and often exhibits very striking grain patterns. Maple is almost blonde in color, but also looks great with a dark tobacco stain.

All our necks are built from two-piece mirrored (or book-ended) blanks to give a stable and attractive grain pattern. Each neck is accentuated with crisp and attractive center stripes from heel to peghead.

On occasion, we have access to hardwood reclaimed from local and historic Nashville neighborhoods available for a truly unique and authentic Nashville-made banjo.

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