There is something very satisfying in the voice and rhythm of an open back banjo. It can pull our thoughts towards a simpler season and help settle a busy mind. All our models strive to lend to that experience and are designed to produce a mellow, but still clear banjo tone.

We love the flavor of a dark fiddle and the mood of a warm mandolin, and work to build banjos that sounds more like wood than metal. Our integral block hardwood tone-ring helps move these banjos a solid step in that direction.

Another unique feature of Nashville Banjo Co. instruments is our preferred natural beeswax finish. Hand-rubbed beeswax from our hives behind the workshop helps bring out the natural beauty of fine hardwoods, has a smooth satiny feel, and bears the faint scent of honey. Other finishing options are available.

We offer four different size models, each with a variety of choices and options to help you customize your banjo.

  • The Music City Belle features a comfortable 10-inch rim and shorter scale.
  • The Broadway, features a traditional 11-inch rim.
  • The Cumberland, features a full and generous 12-inch rim.
  • The Governor, features a resounding and impressive 13-inch rim.